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10.5″ Forged Upper with SOTAAR-10-MLOK Rail System,  M4 Nickel Boron Extension and more!


(Premium Stainless) 16″ Stainless Steel Carbine Upper with Black Magic Brake & 12″ SOT (GPX) Free Float Rail System  {Guaranteed Sub-MOA} with High Quality Ammo & optic*

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(Nitride Premium)
16″ M4 Carbine Upper  All components of our uppers are machined and made for the avid shooter. This uppers offers a superior level of excellence that will last for many lifetimes. Our precision machined upper will perform dependably in the most unforgiving rigorous environments weather Law Enforcement, Military or just the recreational shooter and is backed by our SOT Lifetime warranty.

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NITRIDE PREMIUM 10.5″ Carbine Upper, Front Sight Base with 7.2″ (GPR) Rail System, and M4 Nickel Boron Barrel Extension with “Black Magic” Muzzle Brake.


NITRIDE PREMIUM 10.5″ Carbine UPPER, FSB with M4 Double Heat Shield Handguards, and M4 Nickel Boron Extension.


NITRIDE PREMIUM 10.5″  Carbine Upper, FSB with MOE Handguards, and M4 Nickel Boron Barrel Extension.

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