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Special Ops Tactical Founded in 2010.

“Design, Manufacture, Distribute.”

If you are a company we can design and manufacture custom components/products for you…

Special Ops Tactical’s pursuit of design excellence is steadfast in a world of wavering standards.

Specializing in designing and machining unique high quality (rail systems) as well as, upper receivers, lower receivers, muzzle brakes, barrels and accessories)

(SOT / Special Ops Tactical) has decades of experience with precision and high quality AR15 firearms, Aero / Aerospace & Aircraft components.  We are a team of Aero and Aerospace designers and engineers who have a passion for the AR15 and making high quality products.  Our logo is a reflection of the F-117 Stealth Fighter which was the first special ops tactical stealth fighter aircraft developed by Lockheed’s ultra secretive “Skunk Works” division operated by the United States Air Force. We concentrate on designing, machining and building high quality firearms. We give dedicated attention to detail and consistency. We ONLY use the highest quality materials, treatments and coatings available. These include QPQ Nitride/Melonite and Nickel Boron along with the highest quality alloys, steels and aluminum. We are always searching for the next best material, coating and treatment. As technology exponentially leaps forward, we strive to stay on top of the advancements that readily come available. SOT is a professional, pilot owned company that prides itself on bringing the highest quality products to the market.  Nearly all of the coatings and materials we use are derived from the aerospace industry. SOT delivers a product that you can trust and depend on and is devoted to being known as a leader in AR15 technology.

We appreciate your customer support and enthusiasm with Special Ops Tactical and our products!

We are a manufacturing facility with a retail store front. 07FFLSOT

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Garrett Potter
Special Ops Tactical
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